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Coaching Service from The Cycle Hub

Everyone has potential to improve. Whether you are a couch to 50km beginner leisure rider or an international racer there will be aspects of your cycling and your life in general which can be tweaked to yield improvement.

Our approach is a wholistic one.  Each person has a unique physiology,  lifestyle, commitments, pressures, likes and dislikes which have to be taken into account when planning for their unique goal. This is why we like to get to know our cyclists and to develop an understanding of their needs. We don’t do any generic training programmes.

When we create a training programme it is written with your specific objectives in mind. It is put together taking into account your life circumstances, your strengths, your weakness and balancing your training stimuli with adequate recovery.  You are not the same and your life is not the same as anyone else. So your training programme will reflect your uniqueness.

Single Coaching Session


This is a session for anyone who finds fitting cycling into their life a challenge. It can be enormously helpful to get advice from an experienced coach.


Aidan Ryan will help you get the most out of the time, energy, equipment and motivation available to you , optimising the input of your cycling to your quality of life.  This is also a good starting point to see if a longer programme would be beneficial to you.


  • One hour session
  • €75.00

8 week programme


This programme is designed typically for those who are preparing for a specific event such as a big race.  It is also a opportunity to test out if coaching will work for you.


A detailed,  individualised programme will be created based on an in depth consultation as well as measuring your metrics.   Feedback is then provided through Garmin or Strava input and any modifications / adjustments are made throughout the 8 weeks


  • One Hour introductory session
  • 8 week programme
  • Feedback and adjustments
  • €200.00

12 month programme


A great option for those looking for long term improvement, from those who like to participate in Sportive events, all the way to competitive level.


A detailed,  individualised programme will be created based on an in depth consultation as well as measuring your metrics.   Feedback is then provided through Garmin or Strava input and modifications / adjustments are made throughout the programme based on regular consultations.


  • One Hour introductory session
  • 12 month programme
  • Regular Feedback and adjustments
  • €125.00 per month


“As a member of a World Tour Cycling Team I have a number of coaches assisting me in my daily training. However, without the help of my first coach, Aidan Ryan, I doubt if I would have reached the top tier of the sport. He supplied me with training programmes and dietary advice which, combined with a lot of hard training, enabled me to move from the underage ranks in Ireland to the pro ranks. I can thoroughly recommend Aidan as a coach whether preparing for a charity event or the Tour de France”.

Chris Juul Jensen (Team Bike Exchange)

Winner of the tour of Denmark, Stage winner at the Tour of Switzerland, former Danish National Time Trial Champion, Tour de France, Giro and Vuelta rider

Coached Training Ride

1 – 1 or group coaching rides are an excellent way to improve cycling skills.

These are a great way to learn more about a wide variety of  skills and techniques.  On an informal relaxed bike ride we can assess your cycling technique and style and provide advice and pointers. Or you can opt for a more formal specific skill learning session or a combination of these.

This is an ideal way to bring an individual cyclist or a group to a safer, more efficient level.


  • half day session from €150.00
  • full day session from €250.00


“I have worked with Aidan throughout my cycling career, from training for local youth races right up to the highest level of the sport. Aidan’s philosophy, attention to detail and reliability remained consistent no matter what level I was competing at.

Not only did I receive a structured and specific training plan but I also had the reasoning and goals for each session communicated to me in a way that was easy to understand. This meant that I always knew what I was trying to achieve and how I was going to achieve it. From my experience in the sport, that is the best way to reach your goals.

I would highly recommend Aidan to anyone looking to take on any challenge, be it a tour, a sportive, a randonnée or a race. He has taught me how to engage in my training and motivate myself for my goals”.

Fintan Ryan,  member of the Irish Olympic Squad 2021

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