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Bikes from The Cycle Hub

Our Bikes

We will stock a wide selection of brands across all riding styles.  There is something here to suit everyone from a commuting bike through to a road bike.  Please visit our shop in Dun Laoghaire to see our full range and where we can assist and guide you in finding your perfect bike

Road Bikes

Giant Bikes
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Merida Bikes

Commuter/Hybrid Bikes

Giant Bikes
Liv Bikes
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Giant Bikes
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Kids Bikes

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Umit Bikes

Enigma Titanium Custom Built Bikes

We can create a handbuilt bike, custom made specifically for you

Frame Handmade

An Enigma Titanium bike provides the ultimate combination of strength, durability and ride comfort all wrapped up in a high performance & lightweight package.

These bikes are handcrafted to the highest of standards exactly to each persons unique measurements, resulting in a bike custom fitted to your physique.

Depending on components and accessories you chose for your bike, the typical cost will be approx €5,000 for the finished product.

Each Component Chosen by you

Not only is the frame made to measure but you also will have full input into each element attached to the frame

Under the guidance of our expert mechanics we can advise you of all the different options open to you to enhance your experience.   From hand made wheels to items off the shelf the choice will be yours…

Fitted to you

Part of the package of this bike is that once assembled a full bike fit is included as part of the service.

A good fit will help prevent overuse injuries that result from an improper position and ensure that the last small details of putting the bike together will ensure a unique fit to you.

Handmade frame,  parts chosen by you and the fine tuning of a bike fit,  the finished product is without doubt a one off!

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